Mamas & Papas 'Welcome To The World' Seedling CotBed Quilt - Natural


Welcome nature into their nursery with our Welcome to the World Seedling collection. Rich in organically inspired elements, comforting textures, sustainably-sourced fabrics and a warming colour palette, this unisex interiors collection of bedding, blankets, dreampods and accessories, inspired by the natural world, will give your little one’s room an inviting sense of the outdoors. Quietly sophisticated and enchanting this range brings together a signature palette of earthy neutrals - mushroom, fawn and linen; understated prints - woodland fauna and wildlife; and layers of contrasting fabrics, including 100% organic sustainably-sourced cotton, cool muslin and ultrasoft knits. Calming in nature and rich in the magic of outdoors, Welcome to the World Seedling is the subtle collection that makes a big impact.

Made with Organic Cotton this 2.5 Tog is soft, cosy and gentle in both look and feel. A warm white shade with simple quilted detailing in a soft linen colour and soft linen coloured underside. Super Soft with a laundered and washed feeling, this quilt is lightweight but warm. Inherently neutral it co-ordinates with everything else within this range. A practical, beatiful piece that will sit effortlessly within their nursery.

Width: 100cm x Length: 120cm approx

Suitable for cots between the sizes Width: 60cm x Length:120cm and Width: 70cm x Length: 140cm