Going Home For The First Time - Your Newborn Baby Outfit

Going Home For The First Time - Your Newborn Baby Outfit

Going Home For The First Time - Your Newborn Baby Outfit

Packing your hospital bag for the birth of your baby is an essential to do to have on your list. Making sure your little one has their first few outfits to make them as comfortable and cosy as possible.

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What Should My Baby Wear When They Come Home from Hospital?

The most important thing to think about in the first few days of your baby's life is to keep them warm and comfortable. The amount of layers your baby will need is entirely dependent on the season and weather your baby is born in, however, it’s important to have something to keep them comfortable no matter what. 

If you find yourself giving birth during the colder months then we’d recommend putting a pram suit or cardigan over their going-home outfits for that extra layer of warmth. If your little one is making their appearance during the warmer months of the year then don’t overcomplicate things and keep it cool and simple with a cotton sleepsuit, adding a little blanket for colder evenings. 

Other Items to Consider for their First Few Days

You can’t plan the first few days, but it’s essential to be as organised as you possibly can for all situations. These are some of the essentials worth stocking up on in preparation for your newest arrival. 

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Hats - ideal for keeping your little ones' ears warm, hats are perfect for all types of weather. Thinner hats are great for indoors and during summertime, but if you’re taking them outside in colder weather then we’d always recommend opting for something thicker, a knitted material. 

Scratch Mitts - mitts are great for popping over your little one’s hands and are designed to stop them from scratching their delicate skin with their fingernails. 

Coat - with the weather in the UK being so unreliable and unpredictable it’s worth always having a layer to hand for your baby. Thicker, double-lined coats are great for the colder months, however, you’ll need something much lighter for the cool evenings in summer. 

Socks - when you’re out and about, it’s important to keep your little ones' toes cosy and warm, soft cotton socks are ideal to have in your bag. 

Blankets - ideal for chucking in your changing bag when heading out, a soft blanket will help your little one stay warm when napping during the cooler days. 

Booties - during those extra chilly days you might find that you need a soft pair of booties to keep their toes warm. Having little things like this to hand can help in emergency situations. 

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Essentials for a Summer Baby 

If you’re due to have your little one in Summer, then you might be unsure about the different things you need to have ready for them. Here are some of the essentials that we’d recommend for your baby in Summer. 

Short-sleeved onesies - short-sleeved onesies and baby grows will become your best friend throughout the summer. You will find that they come in a variety of different styles and material, including short-sleeved, long-sleeves and thin-strapped onesies. 

If you find that the weather is a bit cooler in the evening, then onesies are great because you can add trousers or shorts over the top for that extra layer of warmth. 

Rompers - rompers are also another ideal choice for your summer baby. Similar to onesies and bodysuits, rompers come down to the thigh or knee, and sometimes even cover the legs - making them ideal for summer weather. 

Light Cardigans - it’s a great idea to have a couple of cardigans or sweatshirts for those cooler days during summer. We’d advise buying them in bigger sizes so they have plenty of room and are oversized. 

Sun Hats - when you’re outdoors your baby might need a sun hat to help protect their skin. Ideally buying some sun hats with chin straps underneath to keep them in place, as you’ll never be able to keep it on them otherwise. 

Light Baby Blankets - three or four cotton or muslin blankets are ideal for summer. On those warm summer nights, putting your baby down under a lighter blanket will help keep them cooler. 

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Essentials for a Winter Baby

If your baby is due throughout the winter months then it’s important to have plenty of layers to hand. We know how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK, so be prepared from September onwards. 

Long-sleeved bodysuits - bodysuits are really useful in both summer and winter, however, during the winter months you’ll be better off with long-sleeved bodysuits to keep your little one warm. 

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Cardigans - warmer cardigans for colder months are essential, making sure you have plenty of layers for your baby when out and about can keep them comfortable and cosy!

Socks - socks aren’t so much of a necessity if you have baby grows with feet in, however, might be ideal for around the home if your baby is on the colder side. 

Blankets - a mixture of blankets is essential to have to hand so you can add and remove layers depending on the temperature inside and outside. 

Pramsuits - when you’re out and about on walks with your baby, you’ll need a pram suit for your newborn to keep their feet warm. 

We hope that you’re a little clearer on what you need for your baby’s going-home outfit, and how to prepare for the weather in their first few months. If you need to ask any further questions then get in touch with our team of experts. 

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