Jollein Pacifier Cloth Teddy Bear - Biscuit

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About the product

Attach this fun pacifier cloth to your baby's pacifier and it will be easy to find! No more endless searches for the pacifier in the playpen, the bed or the stroller. No more hassle at night with all the lights on, both you and your baby wide awake while you look for that little pacifier. Thanks to the pacifier cloth, you will simply grab the pacifier from the corner of the bed with one hand, and your baby can sleep on. As soon as your child is a little bigger and able to grab and search themselves, they will also be able to find it thanks to the pacifier cloth. So you will be able to stay on the couch or in bed a little longer. Enjoy! The pacifier cloth is made of ultra soft fabric, so your baby will be able to cuddle with it. And the fun little teddy bear shapes make it extra fun to play with. You can easily attach the pacifier cloth to the loop of the pacifier.

Teddy Bear collection

This sweet teddy bear print is irresistible! This adorable bear will keep your baby company. We have this print on various products, like a little sleeping bag, bibs and even a playpen mat. You can match the Teddy Bear collection with items from our Boucle collection.

Gift idea

This is a fun maternity gift. Always practical. The parents will be very thankful to the giver. The Jollein collection includes many more Teddy Bear items.


Biscuit, Leaf Green or Naturel Which is your favourite?


19 cm.


Boucle 100% polyester

Washing instructions


Safe choice

A pacifier cloth is safe to use. A pacifier cloth is not attached to the clothes, so it is a 100% safe cuddly toy.

Product details

23 gram
19 gram
Product height :
19 cm
Product width :
15 cm
Product length :
23 cm
Certified organic cotton:
CE certification:
GOTS certificate:
FSC label: