When can I start using the SnuzCurve Pregnancy pillow?

You can start using the SnuzCurve pregnancy support pillow as soon as you like! It’s designed to support you throughout your entire pregnancy journey, right from when that little plus sign first appears. Expectant mothers have found that the SnuzCurve pillow offers the most support during the third trimester.

What is the best sleeping position for the SnuzCurve?

The NHS advises pregnant women to ‘sleep on their side’ from week 16 onwards. This is because sleeping on your back can reduce the blood flow to your baby, and put pressure on your kidneys and intestines. The SnuzCurve pregnancy sleep pillow has been designed with this advice in mind. It will support you in the side sleeping position, and help to reduce the risk of back pain, as well as giving you and your bump the best possible night’s sleep.

Does the SnuzCurve pregnancy pillow support my whole body?

Absolutely! The SnuzCurve pillow has been designed to support your entire body, from head to toe. The unique KneeBlade™ design takes the pressure off your hips and ankles, whilst the built-in lumbar support cushion reduces back pain. Our pregnancy body pillow also offers support for your bump and chest, so you can sleep soundly knowing that both you and your baby are well supported.

How does the SnuzCurve alleviate back pain?

The SnuzCurve pregnancy support pillow has been specifically designed by medical experts to reduce back pain during pregnancy. The unique shape and cushioning helps support you and baby whilst you rest without having to worry about waking up with achy hips or a sore back.