Taf Toys Rylee Musical Bunny Toy

Type: Toys
From new in brand Taf Toys, Meet Rylee the Soothing Soft Bunny Toy - the perfect companion for your little one! This cuddly bunny features a built-in music box that plays a soothing lullaby when you pull the wooden ring. It's super easy to activate, and helps babies feel calm and relaxed, especially during bedtime or nap time. Plus, Rylee is incredibly soft and snuggly, making it the perfect toy for cuddling and comfort.
And that's not all! Rylee is also designed with safety and convenience in mind. It features a baby-safe attachment feature that allows you to attach it to your little one's cot or pram, so it can go with them wherever they go. Bring a smile to your little one's face with Taf Toys Rylee Musical Bunny - • Super soft and cuddly bunny with built-in music box • Boutique wooden pull ring • Soothing lullaby lasts around 30 seconds • Features attachment to secure to the cot or pram if out and about • The perfect companion for your little one!

  • Suitable to use from 0m+