Accessories Your Baby Needs For Their Wardrobe

Accessories Your Baby Needs For Their Wardrobe

Accessories Your Baby Needs For Their Wardrobe

Don’t we all just love an accessory? Whether it’s the handbag that matches our shoes or that watch we only get out on special occasions; accessories can make or break an outfit. 

So it’s understandable that when it comes to dressing our little ones’ it’s not just about the clothes. We’re here to help you find those must-have baby accessories. Keep them in your little prince or princess’s wardrobe and bring them out whenever the occasion calls for it. 

At Millie & Ralph, we are renowned for our baby clothing and accessories that are designed to enhance your baby’s wardrobe. Our focus is on style and comfort so browse our range of accessories and find something perfect to add to your basket. 


A headband is the perfect addition to any little girl's outfit. Whether worn with a beautiful dress or a simple baby grow it adds just the right amount of girly cuteness. 

Whether you’re wanting something that sparkles, a velvet bow, classic pink, fresh white, or something a little more unique we have a headband to suit all aesthetics at Millie & Ralph. 

We recommend having a selection of bows so you can always match them to your little one’s outfit. If your baby girl has a lot of hair they’re also a brilliant way of comfortably keeping it out of the way.


Bibs are often seen as just a practicality. Something to stop their chest from getting wet or their clothes being covered in drool and milk. However, why shouldn’t they be a beautiful addition to your baby’s outfit? They’re often worn on a daily basis so they deserve to be stylish. 

We offer frill-edged bibs, floral bibs, bow bibs, animal print bibs, and so many more options for baby boys and girls. 


You could say hats are one of our specialties. We absolutely love a fur pom pom hat. Whilst this summer weather is gratefully welcomed we can’t wait to see lots of babies looking adorable and warm in our range of knitted hats this winter. 

We even offer personalised options which are perfect for bringing your newborn home or using for name announcements. You can also find soft cotton hats which are ideal for summer babies who still need a hat when they’re born but something made of a lighter breathable material. 



Our range of booties and shoes gives you options for all seasons. Adorable knitted booties for colder months and stunning bow and diamante shoes for spring/summer. Shoes help to make an outfit look complete. They’re ideal in winter when your little one needs to keep their feet cosy and warm.   

Dummy clips:

Dummy clips can be life savers. If you’re walking through town and don’t realise they’ve thrown their dummy onto the floor until 5 minutes and 4 streets later when they start to cry for it it can feel like the world has ended. Keep their dummy secure and never far away with a beautiful dummy clip in traditional designs. 


Cardigans are the perfect accessory to keep your baby warm and comfortable on Spring evenings or for layering during cooler months. Whilst cardigans are not always seen as a necessity  they really do add something extra to an outfit. 

Styled with smock dresses they’re elegant and adorable, an easy way to create a high-end outfit without breaking the bank. 

Our range includes pink knitted cardigans with intricate detailing, chunky knitted cardigans in stunning sage green, ruffle collars, and bow detailing as well as so much more to choose from. 


Socks are an essential part of most outfits, however, they don’t have to be boring. Our range of socks with bows and pom poms looks gorgeous with patent shoes or poking out the top of little chelsea boots. 

Often what really gives an outfit that wow factor is the small details like bow socks, the shine of a shoe, the matching gloves and hat, and the dummy clip in the same shade as the tights. 

Pushchair accessories: 

Babies spend a lot of time in their pushchairs, especially during the early months. Whether it be on nap time walks, nipping to the shop, or visiting family, the pram gets a lot of use. That’s why you should accessorise it with cute toys that will keep your baby entertained as they grow and also look super cute. 


Last but by no means least blankets. Blankets are such a useful accessory. They can be used to wrap your bundle of joy up in to keep them warm, for them to lay on and play, or to adorn their nursing chair

The perfect accessory for your home and baby. We have muslin swaddles, knitted blankets, fur blankets, and so much more.  

Comfort toy:

It’s extremely common for babies to become attached to a comfort teddy, this teddy will often accompany them everywhere they go well into childhood. Ensure your baby’s first teddy is one you’ll be happy for them to carry around for years to come by choosing one of our stunning personalised teddies. 

Accessories can play a significant role in enhancing your baby's style. The adorable collection of accessories we’ve shown are not only stunning but also functional. They allow you to create an outfit everyone will love. From headbands to bibs, hats, booties, and dummy clips all our accessories are designed with irresistible cuteness in mind. 

Check out our range of baby clothes, nursery accessories, and so much more. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team on 

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