Nursery Design Ideas For Your Home

Nursery Design Ideas For Your Home

Nursery Design Ideas For Your Home

First, let us start by saying ‘congratulations’ on your pregnancy. We hope everything is going well and you’re getting excited as your due date nears. As the weeks pass by we know your thoughts are likely turning to your little one's nursery. 

We’re parents ourselves; so we know how special creating a little sanctuary in your home for your new arrival is. Somewhere you can nest, rest, and feel calm as you near the end of your pregnancy. 

Your baby won't be in their own room straight away, however, it’s still the perfect place to store clothes and baby paraphernalia. You can also take them in there to nurse and get them used to their new surroundings, read books, and do tummy time. 

Let’s talk about nursery design

baby bedroom pink and white

Picture from @TheTwinMumma

Opt for a soft colour scheme that will create a calming environment such as cream, pale yellow, dusky pink, or light blue. Scalloped borders are super stylish and are having their moment. They allow you to break up the colours in a room and add a pretty feminine edge. 

If you’re a fan of the bold, keep your walls plain and bring excitement into the room with stand-out nursery furniture like this stunning green 3-piece set

baby nursery green

Make the room unique with accessories that can also be used as toys and inspire your little one's imagination. Use your favourite outfits and books as design assets that really personalise the room. 

baby soft play gym

Playmats are perfect for keeping your little one entertained before the sitting stage. They can be used for comfortable tummy time or sparking imaginative play. They’re ideal if you need to put your baby down for five minutes whilst you fold their clothes away. 

They can easily be moved around the house but look perfect as a staple piece in a nursery. 

Childrens rainbow stacking toy

This rainbow stack looks great on a bookshelf or window ledge, however, it’s an item that oozes longevity. A cute bedroom accessory in the early days and a Montessori toy for your child to enjoy year after year.  

baby nursery white

A 3-piece set is ideal to save money and time whilst ensuring the furniture in your baby's nursery matches perfectly. 3-piece sets often include a cot, changing table, and wardrobe which are the main items you’ll need in a nursery. 

If you find a cot that can be changed into a toddler bed (as pictured above) that’s even better in terms of value for money and means your furniture will match for longer. As your child grows the changing table becomes a great storage and display space. 

baby mobile cot toy

A mobile not only looks great but offers visual stimulation whilst being calming. They help to soothe or entertain your child depending on the time of day. Go for something simple, this will be more relaxing and less likely to overwhelm your child.

After Molly Mae revealed baby Bambi’s beautiful cloud-themed nursery, cloud, dreamland, and aethereal nursery designs grew in popularity. You can easily incorporate these themes into your own nursery with accessories such as mobiles, blankets, and wall art. 

baby nursery rocking chair

Whether you’re planning to breastfeed or bottle feed a nursing chair is a must for night feeds and nap times. You can also use it to read to your little one and just relax. The rocking can help to soothe your baby to sleep and save your arms. Some of our nursing chairs are reclining glider chairs with stools making them super comfy for tired mums. 

baby on changing mat

Newborns and older babies alike need a comfortable surface for bum changes. Especially at night when they’ve woken from their cosy beds needing a change. Our range of changing mats are stunning, think hot air balloons, carousels, flowers, animals, teddy bears, and so much more.   

If you’ve got wooden floors help to create a cosy and warm atmosphere with rugs. Whether you pick a fluffy rug to feel soft under tiny toes or an animal design to fit a jungle-themed room ensure you think about size. Larger rooms will look better with oversized rugs that cover more of the floor space. Smaller rooms or rooms with thickly piled carpets may just want a small rug that matches the aesthetics. 

A rug can help you to compartmentalise a room meaning you have a clear area for playing, tummy time, or perhaps a reading corner. The rug will help to clearly define a space allowing the rest of the room to be relaxed, ideal for sleep. 

oak style nursery furniture

It's natural to want a nursery that's beautiful to look at and well-organised. You imagine your nursing chair in the corner adorned with the snuggliest throw. You imagine sitting there feeding your baby enjoying those early days in the newborn bubble.

However, if you feel like you're running out of time and it's stressing you out, stop. Take a breather and remind yourself when your bundle of joy arrives they won't understand the concept of having their own bedroom. They won't know the hours you poured into making it so special. What they need is love, compassion, and confidence in your own ability.

Your dream nursery will be ready in perfect timing. If items are out of stock we allow you to pre-order them and advise you on an estimated arrival time. You can even pop into our flagship store to buy things directly and have them in your home on the same day.

Most importantly, remember to design the nursery of your dreams, not what you think others will like. Whilst it’s great to take inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, make sure you put your own spin on things. Remember, you and your baby are going to be spending the most time there so whether you go bold or neutral ensure it’s a space you love. 

For more inspiration or guidance on nursery design ideas don’t hesitate to get in touch with a helpful member of our team at

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