What’s In Your Changing Bag?

What’s In Your Changing Bag?

What’s In Your Changing Bag?

It’s important to ensure you have everything you need before leaving the house with a baby. There is nothing worse than feeling unprepared when you're on the go.

Be the organised mum you always dreamed of being with this helpful guide by Millie & Ralph. We’re parents ourselves so we have first-hand experience when it comes to packing the perfect baby changing bag.  

Navy blue baby changing bag

Keeping them fresh 

Nappies - These are one of the most important things you’ll need to remember. How long you plan to be out of the house, as well as the age of your child will determine how many you need to pack. 

A recommendation for those with newborns going out in the car is to keep a spare pack of nappies in the boot, that way you’re covered for any eventuality.  

Baby wipes - If you’re packing for a newborn you may prefer to pack cotton wool or water wipes. However, for children over 12 weeks, fragrance-free wet wipes are the ideal option. They can be used for cleaning bums, wiping up sick, or milk spills, or after 6 months food around their mouth and on their hands, and in their hair and let’s face it… everywhere. 

Nappy sacks - These aren't just handy for putting dirty nappies in, they’re a convenient way to store messy clothes so they don’t get on the clean items in your bag. Whilst you may not use nappy bags in your own home, it’s preferred by business owners if you use them when changing your baby within their establishments. 

Nappy rash cream - You don’t always need to apply nappy cream. It’s advised for newborns to only use nappy cream if you have first consulted their doctor or health visitor. However, as your baby gets older using nappy cream is at your own discretion and can help to soothe nappy rashes that can often be caused by teething. 

Changing mat - A foldable changing mat often comes with your changing bag. It’s a necessity for changing nappies on the go and ideal if you find yourself in a situation where there are no changing facilities. 

baby wearing a white romper

Always being prepared 

Spare clothes - We would always recommend having at least two changes of clothes in your changing bag. If you want to be super organised you could pack one outfit that mimics the style of the one their wearing and one for comfort. 

At Millie & Ralph, we have a range of baby girl rompers and baby boy rompers. Whilst our rompers are designed with comfort in mind they're styled in a traditional Spanish way so you can ensure your little one is dressed for every occasion. The soft and breathable material is ideal for the Spring/Summer season. 

Muslin - Having a muslin on hand is a must. They’re ideal for when you're feeding whether bottle feeding or breastfeeding. They can also be used as a snuggly to help soothe your baby to sleep. Just ensure you move it away from their face once they’re asleep, especially if leaving them in a different room or in a world-facing pram.  

Suncream - If you’re in the UK you can dismiss this item for at least 80% of the year but when the sun does come out ensure you’re regularly putting suncream on your baby. Doing it before you leave the house will not last the full day. You should also pack a sun hat and sunglasses if they'll keep them on.  

First aid kit - This is more aimed at mums with toddlers when bumps become part of the daily norm. Having a first aid kit or at least a pack of fun character plasters may be beneficial for days out and trips to the park 

Curbing that hunger cry

Snacks - After 6 months having food in your bag is always a good idea, not all eateries have items on the menu suited to younger babies.

As your baby gets older they may want to snack more and often a snack can spare you a few extra minutes in the queue before your 18-month-old screams the supermarket down. Your changing bag will become well accustomed to half-eaten biscuits, puffs, and fruit bags in no time. 

Bottles - If you’re going to be out of the house for more than a couple of hours and your baby is formula fed don’t forget the bottle, or in a lot of cases bottles. You’ll also need formula, don’t worry you don’t need to carry around the whole tub, there are plenty of compact formula tubs on the market. 

You can either take freshly boiled water with you and keep it warm in an insulated bottle bag or many establishments have bottle warmers and are happy to provide boiled water for you on request. 

Breast pads - Even if you choose not to breastfeed you’ll need breast pads for the first couple of weeks of your baby’s life as your body adjusts. If you are breastfeeding you’ll want to keep breast pads in your bag indefinitely to change at regular intervals throughout the day. 

Looking after yourself

When packing a changing bag it can be easy to remember everything you need for your little one and forget anything for yourself. Make sure you pack a drink, if you’re breastfeeding you’ll be exceptionally thirsty. 

Before 6 months you don’t need to remember food for your baby so it can be easy to forget things for yourself. However, we recommend packing yourself a cereal bar, fruit, or something you can easily eat one-handed.  

Save taking a handbag as well as your changing bag and pack your purse and phone in the security pocket of your changing bag for easy access.

baby bunny rabbit soft toy

Keeping them entertained

Teethers/dummies - If your baby uses a dummy to help soothe them, ensure you bring it with you as well as a spare. Teethers are essential once they start cutting their first tooth, they’ll be looking to chew on everything they can get their hands on, so save their little fingers with a teether. You may also want to include a tube of teething gel.

Toys - Swap out the toys in your changing bag every couple of weeks to ensure your baby doesn’t get bored. Whether it be a rattle, a book, or a musical toy, have something to keep your baby entertained when you’re out for dinner, waiting in a queue, or using public transport. 

We hope this blog has helped to inspire you when it comes to packing your changing bag. For more advice don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at customerservices@millieandralph.co.uk

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