Giving First-Size Baby Clothes As A Gift

Giving First-Size Baby Clothes As A Gift

Giving First-Size Baby Clothes As A Gift

When people hear the fantastic news that someone is expecting a baby their first instinct is to buy a gift to congratulate them. Many people opt for an outfit, excited at the prospect of seeing the new bundle of joy wearing something they’ve picked. 

However, new parents are often inundated with newborn clothes. It may be beneficial to ask expecting parents what it is they need before rushing into making a gift choice. 

Newborns usually spend the first few months of their lives in multiple sleepsuits a day, outfit changes during the early days are a given. So if you’re wanting to get newborn items soft onesies and sleepsuits are a great option.

baby wearing white sleepsuit


The ‘I Love My Mummy & Daddy’ white cotton sleepsuit is sure to get you on the right side of any new parent. This is an exclusive design made for Millie & Ralph by Dandelion Clothing. Made with 100% cotton ensuring it’s super soft against newborn skin. 

If you’re looking for a unisex baby grow this velour-smocked bear sleepsuit is ideal. Exceptionally cute, whilst remaining traditional and smart. The perfect outfit for newborns to get registered, or attend a christening. 

The colour lemon looks great on all newborns. Our Lemon Cable Knitted Onesie is perfect for the cooler months. Made with 100% acrylic the best synthetic material for heat retention.

If you know the mum-to-be already has a nursery full of newborn baby clothes, but you still want to get them an outfit. We recommend working out what season it’ll be when the baby is 0-3 and 3-6 months old and buying outfits in these sizes. 

baby wearing pink sleepsuit

Personalised Clothing

A personalised outfit is an incredibly adorable gift that a parent can cherish for a lifetime. Even once the little one has outgrown our personalised baby clothes they make great keepsakes to relive those precious moments. 

If you want to spoil the new parents too we offer matching personalised lounge sets for adults as well. 

animal shakers for baby

Additional Gifts

Comforters are a popular gift and for good reason. They’re a great way to soothe babies’ and having multiple means it doesn’t matter when one inevitably has to go into the wash. 

There is nothing quite like the joy that comes from hearing a baby giggle. Rattles are a great sensory toy for newborns and beyond. The Keel Eco Stick Rattle is 100% recycled so a fantastic option for environmentally conscious parents. 

Practical gifts are a great option. Don’t be afraid to ask expecting parents what they need. These gifts are often the most appreciated as they will get used on a daily basis and save them money and time searching for the item themselves. 

Changing mats whilst being a useful gift can also complement the decor of a nursery. We stock a range of beautiful changing mats from the trusted brand Gildred Bird. Team with nappies, cotton wool balls, and nappy bags to help prepare for the new arrival. 

Night lights and sleep aids can help little ones sleep more soundly at night. Around 3 months babies’ will have developed a circadian rhythm meaning sleep aids will be able to help them sleep through the night, something new parents will be thankful for. Of course, it is important to remember this is not the case for all, and every baby will sleep through in their own time. 

If you really can't decide what to buy our E-Gift Card is the perfect option, giving new parents the freedom to buy something they need now, or once their baby arrives. 

Alternatively, visit our flagship store where our friendly team will be more than happy to advise you on the best gift options. We have everything from hospital bag must-haves to larger gifts such as travel systems and Moses baskets.

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