Ultimate Unisex Baby Clothes Guide

Ultimate Unisex Baby Clothes Guide

Ultimate Unisex Baby Clothes Guide

Are you looking for some unisex clothing options for your little one, that doesn’t follow the conventional ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’?

At Millie & Ralph, we have a variety of clothes perfect for babies of all ages and genders. 

Why Buy Unisex Clothing

It’s important to let our little ones have the freedom to explore and express themselves as they wish without being led by any expectations. Limiting their means to explore and express their personality could potentially hinder their self-expression, choosing a mixed variety of clothes can promote their individuality.

Providing children with a range of different clothing options will allow them to choose as they see fit for them. 

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What to Think About When Buying New Clothes

Shopping for baby clothes is so exciting, especially whilst waiting for their arrival, but it’s also essential that you keep a few things in mind when shopping. 

High-quality material - 

When it comes to clothes, especially for your little one, it’s important that they are well-made and comfortable. Materials that are soft and durable are ones to look out for, you don’t want anything that might irritate your child’s skin. 

At Millie & Ralph, we have a range of unisex baby clothes available in a variety of different materials, including acrylic and cotton.

Season - 

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It’s important to think about the season and climate when buying clothes for your little one. If you live somewhere warmer, then thinner, more breathable materials like cotton would be more appropriate. 

However, if you live somewhere cold, damp and rainy most of the time, like the UK then you might want to look at heavier materials like wool or fleece to keep your baby warm.

Sizing -

Making sure you get the right-sized clothing is essential, and we have a very detailed clothing size guide here for you to help you find the perfect fit.

Here are some unisex clothing options we love here at Millie & Ralph. 

Unisex White Cable Knitted Baby Outfit

Unisex White Cable Knitted Baby Outfit

A new unisex knitted legging and jumper set from Dandelion Clothing is ideal for your baby’s wardrobe, whether they are boys or girls. Made in Portugal, this gorgeous new design is ideal for special occasions. 

Available in newborn sizing, all the way up to 3-6 months.

Elephant & Bird Grey Unisex Cotton Sleepsuit

Elephant & Bird Grey Unisex Cotton Sleepsuit

This gorgeous soft cotton all-in-one is designed by the British brand Dandelion Clothing. This adorable elephant cotton sleepsuit comes in a range of colours and is an essential item for your little one with popper fastening - making it super quick and easy for accessible changing. 

The gorgeous unisex sleepsuit is 100% cotton, making it light, cosy and comfortable for your little boy or girl. 

Personalised Powder Blue Ribbed Lounge Set

Personalised Powder Blue Ribbed Lounge Set

Perfect for your little boy or little girl, this comfortable little ribbed set with embroidered initial detailing is ideal for a ‘coming home outfit’. The mix of 95% breathable cotton and 5% spandex providing elasticity means that your little one will be comfortable and cosy all day long. 

The best thing yet, when your baby grows out of their 0-3 months, they can just jump up to the next size. This Ribbed Lounge Set is available for up to 4-5 years. 

Grey Personalised Embroidered Dressing Gown

Grey Personalised Embroidered Dressing Gown

Looking for something to put your little one in after bath time? This beautifully soft, hooded dressing gown is not any old dressing gown, you can personalise it with your baby's name or initials. You can easily personalise your baby’s dressing gown with 10 characters maximum, also choosing your preference of embroidery colour. 

These dressing gowns are suitable for both girls and boys, ranging from 0-6 months all the way up to 18-24 months. 

If you need more help and advice when choosing clothing for your baby's wardrobe, get in touch with our expert team at Millie & Ralph. 

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