Keeping Your Baby Warm This Autumn

Keeping Your Baby Warm This Autumn

Keeping Your Baby Warm This Autumn

As we near the colder winter months of the year, it’s very important to be prepared when it comes to making sure your baby stays warm. You may be a first-time parent or have all the experience in the world, but here are some of the ways we’d recommend to keep your baby warm during the colder months of the year. Baby winter clothing can seem complex, so here is some help.


Even as adults we use layers to keep ourselves warm during the colder seasons, and the same goes for your baby. Putting your baby in layers is the best way to keep them warm, it means that you can remove and add layers depending on the weather conditions and how warm or cold they’re getting. 

This is a great option if you’re going to be in and out of shops, the house, or cafes. 

But remember, layer up outside and layer down inside, as there will be a significant difference in temperature outside compared to inside. 

The NHS advise you to take off your little one’s hat and extra clothing as soon as you come back indoors.  

Keep Covered - Heads & Hand

During the colder months, it’s essential to keep your baby’s head and hands warm, ensuring you take a woolly or insulated hat with you wherever you go. Hats that cover their ears and cheeks are even better for keeping them warm, and also super cute.

As well as keeping your baby’s head covered, it’s a great idea to cover their hands with mittens. Mittens aren’t always the easiest to keep on them, so another option is to tuck their little hands into their blanket when they’re in the pram. An extra layer or a wearable blanket can make all the difference.

Check your baby and their body temperature regularly. As long as you keep the heat from escaping the rest of their body should remain at a safe temperature. 

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Staying Dry 

Pushchairs with rain covers are so helpful during the autumn/winter rainy spells, not only do they provide shelter from the rain but they also keep your baby nice and cosy. If you’re going out and just want to carry your little one in a sling or carrier, a good-sized umbrella will do the job perfectly. 

The drier you are, the warmer your baby will be, there’s nothing worse than trying to get warm with damp clothes on, especially for your new born baby.

Shelter From The Wind

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors this recommendation still applies, keeping the wind off your baby will keep them that bit warmer. Getting fresh air is still essential for baby's development, so closing windows and doors to prevent cold air from entering your baby's room could risk the chances of your little one getting cold during the night. 

Sleeping Bags

Baby sleeping bags or sleep sacks are great for keeping your little one warm during autumn. It’s good to think about comfort and sleep safety as well as warmth, and there are a variety of different sleeping bags you can choose from. Take a look at our Baby Sleeping Bag Tog Guide blog to find out more information. 

Sleeping bags are a great alternative to blankets which will keep your baby warm and cosy all night, despite the room temperature for a great night’s sleep. Not only do they keep your baby warm, but they keep them at a safe consistent temperature throughout the night giving you the peace of mind you might need. 

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