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The Perfect Gift Guide for a New Parent

The Perfect Gift Guide for a New Parent

Buying gifts for new parents can be such a tricky thing to decide, do you get something baby-related or do you treat them to something that is just for them? By now most people would’ve bought the baby its blankets, toys, nappies and everything they could possibly need, so why not treat the parents who have been through the hardest part for the last 9 months?

We have put together some great gift ideas for new parents, as well as what you could gift for the baby too. 

Pamper Essentials

It’s important to make sure that the parents are looking after themselves as well as the baby. This makes pamper items essential on the gifting list, including items like a soft robe to relax in and depending on the time of year, some cosy slippers to walk around the house in. If you wanted to go that bit further, you could even buy the baby a soft robe to match - there really is nothing cuter. Here at Millie & Ralph we stock a wide range of personalised dressing gowns available in a variety of different colours and sizes.

Food Vouchers 

You may want to give the parents something to help with their first few weeks with their newborn. Something they might struggle with finding the time or energy to do is the food shop so by gifting them online food vouchers, all they need to do is go online and add items to their basket. They will probably appreciate this more than anything you give them for their baby, taking these stressful situations out of the equation can make the first few weeks that bit easier. 

Wine & Flowers 

Very cliched, but if the new parents you are buying for have missed a drink in the last 9 months then this won’t go unappreciated. Wine and flowers are a great way to celebrate your friends becoming parents, it’s an easy option on your behalf and we’re sure it won’t go to waste either. 

Baby’s First Booties

If you’re wanting to gift the parents something for their baby then the Peter Rabbit Baby’s First Booties would be a great idea. From the classic Beatrix Potter books, these adorable booties are made from super soft plush with embroidered features. The best thing about gifting these booties to your friend's new baby is they also come in a cute little gift box to create the perfect present.

Millie & Ralph E-Gift Card

Really not sure what to get your friends or their newborn baby? Why not give them the choice with the Millie & Ralph gift card? Not only are these great for new parents, but are great gifts for a baby shower if you have any more friends expecting. Our gift cards are delivered by email and come with instructions to redeem them at checkout. Treat them to something they want!


Baby Books 

Books are known to be a very thoughtful gift, and can sometimes be thought-provoking. Just like a card, they can convey so much sentiment, so choosing a nice book to give to a baby is a lovely idea. Here at Millie & Ralph we have a wide selection of different books, from soft books for younger children to hardback books for those that can hold a book by themselves. Peter Rabbit books are especially popular with our customers and think these would make the perfect gift for a newborn baby to add to their growing book collection.

We know it isn’t the easiest task buying gifts for anyone, let alone a newborn parent so we hope we’ve helped out a bit here. If you have any questions or need any further help, please get in touch with our team of experts who have been there and done it before, and can help you pick out the best gift. 

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