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The Ideal Furniture Sets For Your Nursery

The Ideal Furniture Sets For Your Nursery

If you’ve just become a parent or are soon to be parents, you’ll be starting to set up your little one’s nursery furniture - an exciting thing to do to get ready for your new arrival! 

Planning and researching before you make your order is important, whether you find your nursery set through a blog like this or through social media. We’ve written this guide to help you figure out the essentials you need for your nursery.

What basic items do I need?

Your budget does play a massive part in what you will want to buy for your nursery. However, here are a few things you’ll want to consider buying for your nursery.

Cot - this is probably the most important item that you’re going to need for your baby's nursery - they’ll be sleeping in it for many months, if not years to come!

This isn’t something that you’ll need straight away, however, if you want to get your nursery ready and in order then it’s something that you might want to consider whilst you’re looking at other pieces of furniture too. The cot tends to be the first big purchase, the centre-piece that everything then follows around after that. It's a piece of nursery furniture that is also versatile and often can convert into a toddler bed in time. Consider whether you want a bedside crib or one that replaces a moses basket in your child's bedroom.

Drawers - If you struggle for storage, then a dresser would be ideal for all the drawer space that comes with it. Whether you want to store clothes, toys, nappies or anything else baby related in it, they’re great for ultimate storage space without taking up too much space in their nursery. You can also double up your dresser as a changing table too by securing a changing topper to the top - however, our drawer units already come with a built-in changing area on top.

Wardrobe - If you find that there isn’t quite enough space in your nursery drawers for all of the baby’s clothes and other little bits, then you can also opt to add a wardrobe too. Wardrobes are available in all different colours and styles nowadays to suit today’s modern nursery so you’ll never have to worry about nothing matching ever again!

Changing Table - Another essential item you’ll need from day one is a changing table. This is another piece of furniture that may take up more room in your nursery, so choosing a 2-in-1 drawer set with a changing table is going to be ideal to help you utilise your space in the best possible way.

2-Piece Furniture Sets 

Our range of 2-piece Furniture Sets include some of the essential nursery items that you’re going to need for your new arrival - the cot and changing table drawers. Here are a few nursery furniture sets that we would recommend for their high-quality build and versatility.

Obaby Maya 2pc Nursery Furniture - White Natural

The Maya range is inspired by Scandinavian design, featuring a clean-cut, two-tone finish, perfect for creating a modern and stylish nursery for your newborn. Suitable from birth and seeing your little one through their growth, this nursery furniture set will stand the test of time.

When your little one is ready to begin their transition and is ready for their ‘big bed’, the safety rails can simply be removed to create a stylish toddler bed. The included changing unit drawers are great for enabling you to put away and quickly locate your little’s ones' belongings with ease.

Once you no longer require the changing feature on top of the drawer set, this can be removed to create a flat-top chest of drawers that can be used for many years to come. 

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Obaby Nika 2pc Nursery Furniture - Grey Wash

If you are looking for a more contemporary design for your nursery then the Obaby Nika Grey Wash set is ideal. This set comes complete with a cot and a changing unit, great for getting your nursery started. The cot bed has three mattress base positions, the highest allowing you to put down and pick up your newborn without straining your back through unnecessary bending. This Nika set is perfect for helping your little one transition through daunting times and can be used up until the age of 4.

The high-quality, sturdy nursery furniture set is a textured oak wood effect finish with brushed metal handles. 

Obaby Stamford Classic Sleigh 2pc Nursery Furniture - Taupe Grey

The Obaby Furniture Set is the perfect combination of style, quality and practicality, consisting of a beautiful Stamford Classic cot bed with an under drawer and closed changing unit. Both pieces feature the same elegant sleigh design that flows throughout the Stamford Range. This set is a long-lasting, sturdy design that is suitable for your little one from birth all the way to 4 years old.

3-Piece Furniture Sets

Our 3-Piece Furniture Sets include some of the items you’ll need for your nursery. These 3-piece sets include a cot, wardrobe and a drawer changing unit. Here are our top recommendations for 3-piece nursery furniture sets. 

BabyStyle Bordeaux 3pc Nursery Furniture - Oak

Bordeaux is a celebration of luxury living and is represented in this 3-piece nursery set. This solid and robust design is finished in a traditional weathered oak with contemporary aluminium handles. The cot especially will see you through the growth of your child all the way up to 4 years old, from birth.

The wardrobe and dresser offer masses of storage space for all of your newborn's belongings, with extra room for them to grow into. For the times when you no longer need the changing table, the dresser features a removable chest top changer panel. 

BabyStyle Marbella 3pc Nursery Furniture - White 

The nostalgic Marbella sets a scene of warmth and romance in complete serenity. This 3-piece set includes a cot bed, dresser and double wardrobe - all of which will see your little one through from newborn ages to toddler. Our favourite features are the converted cod that transforms into a day bed and a junior bed, the double wardrobe with soft-close doors and the dresser with the removable panel when you no longer need it as a changing table.

Obaby Nika Mini 3pc Nursery Furniture- Grey Wash

Similar to our 2-piece set, it is also available in a 3-piece set. This Nika style nursery furniture collection is the perfect set if you’re looking for a contemporary design. Ideal for the smaller nursery this compact design will see your little one develop from newborn to toddler stage. 

This white nursery furniture design will complement any interior design.

If you are looking for nursery furniture sets today, get in touch for our expert advice. Alternatively, why not head over to our furniture section to start planning out your dream nursery.