Essential Pieces of Furniture For Your Baby’s Nursery

Essential Pieces of Furniture For Your Baby’s Nursery

Essential Pieces of Furniture For Your Baby’s Nursery

Other than your child's birth, there is nothing more special than designing your baby’s very first nursery. One of the first things you will need to do, arguably the most important, is getting the nursery furniture ready. Whilst you want to ensure that you have all your essentials, you also don’t want to overwhelm yourself with unnecessary items. A baby's nursery often gets filled quickly so it's best to get the essentials sorted first.

To help those soon-to-be parents, we have listed below some of the essential pieces of furniture that you need to think about buying for your nursery. It can be overwhelming at times at the sheer amount of choice on offer.

For example, does picking the highest quality nursery furniture set mean it also aligns to safety standards? When you curate nursery ideas, does style also come into play? Do you need a nursery chair, is a crib mattress necessary? All big questions its best to answer early on.

Cots & Cot Beds

The most important piece of furniture that every nursery will need is a cot. Eventually, when they’re out for their bedside crib, they will need to go into their cot, so it’s important that you take this into consideration too. Our range of cots and cot beds offer families the perfect combination of style, quality and practicality. Here are some of our favourites that we’d recommend. 

Obaby Nika Mini Cot Bed

The Obaby Nika range offers a contemporary design, due to its clean lines and textured oak effect finish, that will fit perfectly in today’s modern nursery.

Obaby Maya Cot Bed

Inspired by Scandinavian design, this cot features a clean-cut finish and two-tone colourway, making it the perfect addition for families looking to create a modern and stylish nursery.


By now, we're sure your baby will have accumulated more clothes than you, so having a good-sized chest of drawers is essential. We have a range of different sizes and options for your nursery. Get organised and choose your chest of drawers today, make sure you’re prepared for baby!

BabyStyle Arendelle Changing Drawers

New for 2022, these Scandanavian-inspired changing drawers feature natural timbers, paired with a bright white finish to create a calming space for your baby. Save some money with this changing unit and drawer combination. 

BabyStyle Bordeaux Changing Drawers

Celebrating luxury living, these changing drawers are solid and robust. The spacious soft closing drawers are finished in cool refined ash with contemporary matte aluminium handles.

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If drawers aren’t quite the look you’re going for, you might want to consider a wardrobe - another great essential. If you’ve gotten to that nesting stage, the wardrobe should definitely be top of your list. 

Obaby Nika Double Wardrobe

Due to the clean lines and textured oak effect finish, the Obaby Nika Double Wardrobe will fit perfectly in today’s modern nursery. 

Obaby Stamford Sleigh Double Wardrobe

The elegantly designed Stamford double wardrobe is the ideal choice for parent’s looking for the perfect design, without compromising on any of the features. This particular design is also matched by generous storage options.

Nursing Chairs

You’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your baby’s nursery, so it’s important to invest in a comfy nursing chair. We have a wide variety of chairs to choose from to suit your nursery decor. 

Deluxe Reclining Glider Chair & Stool

The Obaby deluxe reclining glider chair is an idyllic place for you and your little one to share some precious time. No matter what the occasion, be it feeding time, reading a story or just a much-needed time out, the gentle gliding motion of the chair soothes your little one to sleep whilst helping you unwind.

Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair

Sit back and relax with the Obaby round-back rocking chair. Be it feeding time, reading your little one’s favourite book or just relaxing in the nursery, the gentle rocking motion of the chair will soothe your baby whilst helping you unwind.

Moses Baskets & Bedside Cribs

For the first 6 months of your baby’s life, they will be in a moses basket or bedside crib, so it’s important not to forget this piece of furniture. 

Joie Roomie Glide Bedside Crib

The Joie Roomie Glide Bedside Crib allows you to sleep side by side with your little one without sacrificing any room in the bed. With sliding side panel lifts and lowers with just one hand, great if you have your hands full!

SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib Essential Bundle

The SnuzPod is the UK’s best-selling bedside crib, allowing your baby to sleep well, be fed easily and also allows you to be closer to your baby. 

We hope that this list of nursery essentials has eased the pressure of parenthood. If you have questions or need advice on any of our products get in touch with our expert team who are sure to support you through these big decisions.