Pregnancy Guide for Dads-To-Be

Pregnancy Guide for Dads-To-Be

Pregnancy Guide for Dads-To-Be

Finding out that you’re going to be a dad can be the most exciting thing in the world, yet so daunting at the same time. There are so many advice guides and articles all over the internet for mums-to-be, yet often the dads get forgotten about. 

This pregnancy guide for dads-to-be will go through some of the key things you might need to know and what you’ll be experiencing along the way. 


Educate Yourself

The first step towards becoming an involved and supportive dad-to-be is to educate yourself about pregnancy. Read books, articles, and reliable online resources that provide information about the stages of pregnancy, fetal development, common pregnancy symptoms, and the emotional changes your partner may experience. This knowledge will enable you to understand what your partner is going through and allow you to offer appropriate support and empathy.

Get Involved in Baby-Related Decisions

From choosing a name to shopping for baby items, involve yourself actively in the decision-making process. Discuss and collaborate with your partner on important choices such as the birth plan, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, and parenting philosophies. Your involvement will make your partner feel valued, and it will strengthen your bond as you embark on this journey together.


During the 9 months that your partner is pregnant, you will be invited to attend many different appointments - about you and your baby. It’s important that if you want to feel part of the process, then you go along to these appointments with your partner if they are happy for you to.

You might find that some appointments will just be boring routine tests, however, some of them will be particularly exciting, like an ultrasound or hearing the heartbeat. Regardless of whatever appointments you attend, it’s important that you support your partner and try to remain as included as possible in the journey that you’re embarking on together. 


Coping with Symptoms 

Not only is your partner going to be experiencing physical changes throughout their pregnancy, but will also find that they are experiencing hormonal and mental changes as well. This will all come at a time when you might find yourself feeling an increased pressure about fatherhood and can start to put a strain on your relationship too. 

However you may be feeling, it’s important to remember that mum-to-be is experiencing many changes that are influencing her emotions and behaviour and that she needs someone to be supportive of her needs. Consider your own feelings and needs as well, if you’re feeling confused, anxious or don’t know what to do in certain situations then you should speak to your closest family members and friends. 

Parenting Doubt

One thing that many expectant dads will experience is the anxiety around whether you are going to be a good parent or not. Whether this thought has come from how your parents parented you, or if it’s just that this is all new to you, it’s completely normal to feel this way. 

There are ante-natal classes that you can attend through the NHS that can offer you a wealth of information on parenting and pregnancy. Parenting courses are becoming more and more popular, and as well as it being a great way to boost your confidence,  these classes are perfect for meeting other dads in your area and making some friends for life. 

But remember, nobody is a perfect parent, all your teacher needs from you is love and attention. 


Tasks Around The House 

The role of the father throughout the pregnancy is support - whilst you're not growing the baby, you can be there for your partner and help in other ways. Tasks around the house might be something consuming your partner's mind, and the last thing they’re going to have the energy for is stacking the dishwasher, hoovering or just general upkeep of the house, but this is where you come into play. 

Helping with these simple tasks around the house every now and then gives mum-to-be time to rest and focus on other things.  

Bonding with Your Unborn Child

Take time to bond with your unborn child. Talk, sing, and read to the baby while placing your hand on your partner's belly. Attend parenting classes that focus on infant care, such as diaper changing and soothing techniques. These activities will help you develop a connection with your baby and establish a foundation for nurturing and active fatherhood.

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