Dress Your Little One in Style: Trendy Baby Clothes for Every Occasion

Dress Your Little One in Style: Trendy Baby Clothes for Every Occasion

Dress Your Little One in Style: Trendy Baby Clothes for Every Occasion

Dressing your baby in stylish clothes is not only adorable but allows your little one to make a fashion statement of their own as well, creating their personality and identity. With so many different styles, patterns, colours and trends to choose from nowadays, it can be overwhelming and challenging to decide what to buy for your little one. 

From everyday wear to formal occasion clothes, this blog is here to help you dress your baby for every occasion you can think of. Whether you’re a new parent or not, you’ll find useful tips and suggestions for finding baby clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable. 

What to look for when choosing clothes

When buying baby clothes, there are several things to consider to ensure your baby's comfort, safety and fashion. Here are some key things to look out for:

Size - Babies grow quickly, so it's important to choose clothes that fit well but also have a little room to grow. Avoid buying clothes that are too big or too small, as they may cause discomfort or pose a safety risk to your little one. 

Material - Babies have delicate skin, so it's essential to choose clothes made from soft, breathable fabrics that won't irritate their skin. Natural fabrics like cotton are great choices, as they are comfortable and gentle on the skin.

Safety - Look for clothes with no small buttons, ribbons, or other decorations that can be easily pulled off and swallowed. Check for any sharp or rough edges that could scratch or irritate your baby's skin.

Functionality - Choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off, especially when changing nappies. It’s important to consider if they’re starting to walk or crawl, they’ll need comfortable clothes that’ll help them in their development. Consider clothing with buttons or zips for convenience.

Weather - Make sure to dress your baby appropriately for the weather, with enough layers to keep them warm in cooler temperatures or breathable fabrics for hot weather. Especially the weather in the UK, it’s important to be prepared for all weather conditions, all year round. 

Dressing For Different Occasions

We know very well that dressing your baby isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone getting ready for a christening, party, event or to go out for the day. Whether you’re going to a christening, birthday party, Christmas celebrations, or just going out with the family for the day, we have outfit ideas for all occasions.



A christening is a special occasion, and dressing your baby for the event requires some thought and preparation. Here are our recommendations for your baby on the day of their christening, or even someone else's.

‘Clementine’ Pink & White Knitted Dungaree Outfit

This pink and white knitted dungaree outfit is the perfect addition to your baby's spring/summer wardrobe. Ideal for a christening, this white knitted short-sleeved top with a pretty pink detailed collar is paired with a pink dungaree style romper with knit and embroidery detail. 

White & Mint Embroidered Top & Bloomers Set 

This super cute style by Calamaro is ideal for your little one’s christening, or for attending one too. This white top with embroidered detailing and mint frill collar completes this set with mint-smocked bloomers and a matching white bow.

Birthday Party 

First birthday party

Dressing your baby for a birthday party can be fun and exciting - consider the party theme and dress appropriately for the weather. If you’re stuck with what to dress your little one in, you might like our suggestions. 

White & Mint Embroidered Dress

If you’re attending a birthday party with your little one, or it’s a party for them, we have the cutest dress! This lovely style by the brand Calamero is a white and mint dress with embroidered detailing and a mint bow - perfect for spring/summer. 

White Smart Shirt & Taupe Shorts Set

Perfect for a little boy, this white smart shirt with a contrast taupe bow and button fastening completes this spring/summer set. The 100% cotton set is also a super comfy option for your little one if they’re playing and having fun with their friends. Available from 1 month - 18 months. 

At Home 

toddler playing with toys

Dressing your baby for a chilled day at home might actually be the easiest, it doesn’t really matter what they end up in, as long as it’s comfortable and practical. If it’s a rainy day stuck in the house, here are some suggestions as to what you can dress your baby in. 

Personalised Ribbed Lounge Set

This comfortable little ribbed set is ideal for your baby if you’re chilling out at home. Made from 95% breathable cotton and 5% spandex providing elasticity, this ribbed lounge set is available with initial detailing too. We’ve also thought about all ages and have made this available in sizes 0-3 months, all the way to 4-5 years. 

Grey Knitted Romper

This adorable new design by Dandelion Clothing is a gorgeous fine-knitted acrylic knitted romper that would go perfectly with the Peter Pan collared vests. A comfy/smart alternative for a relaxing day at home, seeing family and playing. 

Day Out 

children playing

Let’s be honest, dressing your baby for a day out doesn’t just require one outfit, but probably a change of clothes too. Dressing your baby for a day out can be exciting, but also requires practicality and comfort - especially if you’re going to soft play or toddler groups. 

Unsure what to dress your little one in? Here are a few ideas we think you might like!

Skye Blue Ribbed Frill Three Piece Legging Set 

This new design for spring/summer 2023 by the brand, Caramelo Kids is a sky blue ribbed short-sleeve top with pocket and frill detailing. A matching sleeveless sky blue vest and ribbed frill leggings complete the set.

Super comfortable for days out, this three-piece legging set is available in 0-3 months, all the way up to 18-24 months. 

‘Camden’ Striped Knitted All In One

This cute new baby boy design by Pex is perfect for those days out, especially if you’re heading to baby sensory or soft play. The grey and white knitted short-sleeved all-in-one with a white pointed collar and contrast blue stripe is loved by all the boy mums out there. 

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