Answering your frequently asked baby questions

Answering your frequently asked baby questions

Answering your frequently asked baby questions

We know that when you’re expecting a new baby or for those first few precious months of your little one's life Google can become your new best friend. Every day there is something new you need to ask, and your friends and family don’t always have the answer. 

At Millie & Ralph, we’re a family-run business. We’ve been there Googling the answer to ‘why does my baby always have hiccups?’ at 3 AM. So, we thought we’d look at some frequently asked questions and have a go at answering them for you. 

white wooden cot

Where can babies sleep during the day? 

This question has multiple answers and it’s really about finding what works for you and your baby, some options are:

A cot - getting your baby to sleep in a cot for naps may help them when it comes to sleeping at night. Associating their cot with sleep and being a safe space. If you put your child to sleep in their cot whether it be in your room or their own it will allow you to get on with jobs or have a rest knowing they’re safe. 

You can use a baby monitor to ensure you know when your baby has woken or to check if they’re in a safe sleeping position. 

We have a range of cots from trusted brands such as Obaby and BabyStyle, whether you’re looking for a traditional style cot or something more modernistic.  

Moses baskets are ideal to move around your home if you want your newborn close by. They’re recommended for newborns - 6 months, or when your baby can sit up. A moses basket can easily be folded down and taken with you if you’re visiting family or friends. So are perfect for parents who are often on the go. 

Moses baskets work brilliantly if your baby is used to sleeping in a bedside crib at night as they’re similar in size, allowing your baby to feel cocooned. Sometimes it takes a while for a newborn to get used to sleeping in larger spaces such as a cot because they’re spent 9 months snuggled inside their mother's tummy. 

The Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed is ideal for babies who want to feel snuggled. You can put it inside their cot or on a flat surface such as the sofa until they can roll. It’s certified safe for unsupervised, overnight sleeping, from birth up to 8 months old. 

Whether you’re practicing attachment parenting or you’ve just got a lot to do and your baby doesn’t want to be put down a carrier or sling is ideal for keeping your little one close by. Babies are often soothed by the sound of their mother's heart, as this is a sound they’re used to. 

A sling is also great for breastfeeding mothers as it allows you to breastfeed on the go. Whilst we recommend getting some rest when your baby does we know this isn’t an option for all new parents, a carrier or sling allows you to get on whilst your newborn rests.

In the pram, whether you’re looking for a travel system, compact stroller, or even a double buggy we have you covered. Getting out into the fresh air is a brilliant way of getting your little one to sleep and getting yourself out of the house. Prams shouldn’t be used for long periods of sleep such as overnight, but are ideal for afternoon naps when you find yourself needing some fresh air. 

Why do babies cry out in their sleep?

Often new parents will make the mistake of thinking their baby is waking up when really they’re just transitioning between sleep cycles. If your baby is crying and obviously distressed you should of course soothe them. 

However, if your baby is just making a few noises and moving around, you may be best to wait a couple of minutes to see if they resettle. Just like adults babies go through different sleep cycles, these are drowsiness, light sleep, and deep sleep. When they’re transitioning between these sleep stages they’re easy to rouse. 

Whilst babies don’t start having vivid dreams until they’re at least two years old, newborns spend 50% of their time in REM sleep, the type of sleep that sees adults dreaming. It’s unclear what babies are experiencing during this time, but it is known their brains are still developing and very active. This could impact the noises and movements they make when they’re asleep.

It is also important to remember it is hard for babies to self-soothe. If they’re waking in the night it’s often for reasons out of their control. They may be too warm or cold, be hungry or thirsty, or need comforting, and will need your help to rectify these issues so they can fall back to sleep. 

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The best baby and toddler prams?

Travel systems are a great option for newborns right through to toddler years. They even come with a car seat enabling you to bring your baby home from the hospital with ease. 

The Oyster 3 Travel System comes with everything you need. A cosy carry cot for newborn strolls, car seat adapters so you can easily fit it to the chassis for quick trips, and a changing bag for those all-important nappies and spare clothes.  

With so many car seats on the market, picking one that’s designed to last from newborn to 12 years is a popular choice. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on getting a travel system. 

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 Pushchair & Carrycot is ideal if you’re expecting a new baby and already have a child who uses a pushchair. It can easily be converted into a double pushchair for a newborn & toddler if needed. 

However, it’s perfect for just one baby too. Whether you want them in the carrycot or the toddler seat from 6 months. Forward and parent facing to suit your personal preferences. 

If you’ve got a toddler who loves the outdoors and is ready to explore at every opportunity the Egg Z Stroller is the perfect companion. This affordable stroller is outwards facing meaning your little one can take everything in whether you’re heading to the park or navigating the supermarket. 

The comfy seat means when their legs are tired they’ll be happy to climb in for a ride, and they can easily nap on the go. 

baby in blue dungaree set

What baby clothes do I need?

When you find out you're pregnant it’s tempting to buy every possible baby clothing item x10. However, often it won’t get worn before they’re needing the next size up. 

We recommend cosy sleepsuits, our range of unisex sleepsuits make ideal gifts or comfy coming-home outfits for your little boy or girl.

Vests are great for layering or as an alternative to sleepsuits if your baby is due in the height of summer. 

Hats are a must for all hospital bags and baby wardrobes no matter the season. Babies can’t regulate their own temperature during the early days so hats help them to retain their heat. 

It’s always nice to have a few outfits in their draws, whether it’s for visiting family for the first time, getting registered, or newborn pictures. We have a range of outfits for baby boys and girls

Check out our beautiful knitted sets, personalised loungewear, dresses and rompers, and knitted dungarees as well as so much more. 

pregnancy pillow

Are pregnancy pillows worth it?

Pregnancy pillows can help to take the strain off changing pressure points. Helping to reduce pain and offer you a better night's sleep. The extra support is appreciated during the later months of pregnancy, many women find them beneficial from around 20 weeks when it can become difficult to easily change position during the night. 

The SnuzCurve Pregnancy Pillow helps to guide you into the correct sleeping position. It’s designed by health professionals and experts to take the pressure off all key stress points. This pillow offers correct not just comfortable sleep, helping you to stay in the right position for reduced hip and back pain all night long.  

The Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow comes in a beautiful botanical print. Often pregnancy pillows can ruin the aesthetic of a room but not this one. The breathable material stops you from feeling too warm at night. It’s also extremely versatile, once you’ve finished using it to support your back during pregnancy it can be used as a feeding cushion or tummy time support pillow. 

We hope this blog has helped to answer your baby-related questions whether this is your first baby or you’re a season ticket holder to the parent club. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch, our email is, and we’re available Monday - Friday between 10am and 4pm. We endeavour to answer all queries within 24 hours.

Alternatively, check out our other blogs for nursery inspiration, advice on hospital bag must-haves, safe sleep guidance, and expert know-how on picking the right pushchair. 

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